Eye Specialist in Tampa

Where can I find an Eye specialist in Tampa?

Taking care of your eye health is essential, so it should never go overlooked. Making sure that you see an eye doctor regularly should be on your to-do list every year. Annual eye exams can do a lot when it comes to looking out for early signs and symptoms of eye disease, including conditions like glaucoma. Here with the help of our eye specialist in Tampa at Optical Outlet, you can get the comprehensive exams and treatment you need when it comes to eye conditions like glaucoma.

Eye Specialist in Tampa

Glaucoma is a serious condition and it happens to be the leading cause of blindness in the United States. Part of what makes it so dangerous is the fact that it does not often show obvious signs outside of an eye exam, so you may not notice any changes until you experience any vision damage or vision loss, which can sometimes already be irreversible. However, early signs of glaucoma are not impossible to diagnose – they are actually incredibly easy to spot during a routine eye exam. During every eye exam here at Optical Outlet, our eye specialist in Tampa will measure your inner eye pressure. Any reading above normal may indicate glaucoma. The inner eye pressure is usually caused by issues with fluid draining, and the mounting pressure can eventually damage the optic nerve. Anyone can develop this disease, though there are some people that glaucoma is more likely to affect, like people with diabetes, a family history of the disease, a personal history of eye damage, or people over the age of 60-65 or so. With our help, you can catch glaucoma early on and get the care you need before you suffer from any vision damage.

If you are at risk for glaucoma, have glaucoma, or are simply overdue for an exam, call or visit us here at Optical Outlet and we can help set up an appointment for you to meet with our eye specialist in Tampa to get the care you need.

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