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Contact Lenses 33615

33615 Contact Lenses

Optical Outlets is your number one spot for buying contact lenses 33615. We offer a complete range of eyewear, contact lenses and glasses for patients who suffer from astigmatism or who may need multifocals. Our locations in Tampa and Gainesville can offer you help with finding the right pair of contact lenses and offer contact lens cleaning and storage tips in order to help keep contact lens related eye infections such as keratitis at bay.


Contact Lenses 33615

Keratitis is essentially an inflamed cornea sometimes caused by infection or bacteria.The cornea covers the pupil and iris and is susceptible to infection from contact lenses. Symptoms of keratitis include redness, pain, excess tears or eye discharge, blurry vision and even decreased vision. If it is left untreated, it can become severe or lead to permanent vision loss. When contact lenses are not cleaned properly, bacteria or parasites can inhabit the surface of the lens or inside the carrying case. When the lens is inside the eye, the cornea can then be contaminated, which results in infectious keratitis. That’s why it’s important to follow proper contact lens cleaning methods. Contact lenses can increase the risk of infectious and non-infectious keratitis, due to the lenses not being disinfected or wearing lenses for longer than recommended. It is more common in those who wear extended-wear contact lenses 33615.

Proper guidelines for cleaning should be followed in order to avoid a fungal eye infection. Contact lenses 33615 should always be cleaned, rinsed and disinfected. Hands should be washed so as not to transfer any dirt or germs to the eye. Avoid moisturizing soap, and clean lenses with a solution that is recommended for the brand. Cleaning lenses helps to remove buildup, cosmetics and other debris that can impair comfort. If you need help cleaning your contact lenses, call our offices and one of our professional staff can help you.


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