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Tampa Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses in Tampa

Our Tampa contact lenses give you the outstanding corrected vision that means greater independence and happiness. We at Optical Outlets are dedicated to ensuring that our valued customers have the best possible experience wearing them, which is why we take the step of providing contact lens exams and fittings. This is the best way to make certain that you get the most out of your contacts and that they are both comfortable and unlikely to cause you complications.

Tampa Contact Lenses

Is there a difference between a contact lens exam and a standard eye exam? There certainly is. An annual visit to our store is recommended for your eye health and also to determine what your visual needs are, as they change from year to year. It consists of various tests, such as having you read from an eye chart, trying out various strength lenses to find out which gives you the sharpest and clearest eyesight, and gauging your side-to-side (peripheral) vision. When you decide to wear our Tampa contact lenses, though, additional attention is required. Glasses don’t touch your eyes, but contacts do. This friction affects your corneas, conjunctiva, and eyelids. You could be subject to irritation, inflammation, or even an infection under the wrong circumstances. And while we cannot 100% guarantee that you will never have difficulties from contacts, it is our priority to help you avoid problems if it all possible. The fitting part is based on your comfort, as well as the ideal centering of the contacts, which supports you getting the optimal level of vision correction when you put them in.

Call our office so that we can book you to come in and have a contact lens exam and fitting. You’ll have the peace of mind to know that our Tampa contact lenses are the right choice for you and will be easy for you to wear day to day.


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