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Tampa Contact Lenses

Contact lenses in Tampa

Tampa contact lenses

Tampa contact lenses

If you need corrective eyewear, you could either choose to wear Tampa contact lenses or eyeglasses. What you choose will depend on many factors including eye health, personal preference, comfort and lifestyle. When you come to Optical Outlets, our optometrist will assist you in making the right choice for you.

Prescription Tampa contact lenses and eyeglasses both offer vision correction. They’re both very effective and have their benefits. However, they are very different. A good fit for one patient might not be for another. Your eye doctor at Optical Outlets would be able to tell you if you’re a candidate after your consultation and evaluation. Fortunately, due to modern advancements in eyewear, most people are able to get contact lenses. However, since contact lenses have to be worn inside the eye, if you’re not comfortable with the feeling of having something in your eye or with placing and removing them, eyeglasses would be a better fit for you. If you are comfortable with wearing contact lenses, are a candidate and prefer to correct your vision in a non-noticeable way, contact lenses might be a great fit for you. You will need to have an additional eye exam called a contact lens exam and fitting if you would like contacts. During the exam, the eye doctor will have you try different lenses to determine what the right contact lenses would be for you. The right contact lenses will need to fit correctly and comfortably and provide you with good vision correction. If you choose contact lenses, we have a great selection of brands available. We offer many different types as well such as soft contacts, hard contacts, daily wear and extended wear. Our lens specialists will assist you in the process. If you decide that eyeglasses are a better fit for you, we carry a very large selection of both discount and designer brands. Our frame specialist will gladly assist you in finding the perfect frames for you.

If you would like to learn more about eyeglasses and Tampa contact lenses, contact us. We’ll gladly schedule a consultation appointment for you.

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