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Hillsborough County Eye Exam

Eye Exam in Hillsborough County

There are two components of our Hillsborough County eye exam. The first one, a vision test, is very important, but it’s the second, eye disease testing that sets us apart from places that only screen your vision. You might think that you don’t need to come in this year because you’re seeing fine and there’s nothing wrong with your eye health. At Optical Outlets, we want you to know that sharp and clear vision is something you deserve, and you should never have to settle for merely adequate or subpar vision. As for the well-being of your eyes themselves, common eye diseases form and progress without any obvious signs. We don’t think you should risk damage to your eyes or loss of vision that might not be reversible. It’s easy enough to make a visit to our store annually.

Hillsborough County Eye Exam

There are four common eye diseases, two of which can affect anyone, no matter age, medical history, heredity, gender, or ethnicity. Those are cataracts and glaucoma. The other two are conditional. Diabetic retinopathy can affect only those who have either type one or type two diabetes. And from age 40 on, everyone should be tested for macular degeneration. There are baseline tests, such as tonometry for glaucoma and a slit-lamp exam for cataracts, that form the basis for our Hillsborough County eye exam. Additional testing is done in order to confirm a diagnosis. And while not all eye diseases can be cured, they are all treatable and manageable, especially with early detection. As for your vision, the appropriate eyeglasses or contact lenses will be prescribed if you are nearsighted, farsighted, have an astigmatism, or some combination of those. If you currently wear corrective lenses, our optometrist will determine if your existing prescription needs to be updated.

It’s a great idea to call our store and schedule our Hillsborough County eye exam right now. You can ensure your optimal eye wellness and the highest level of vision that you can achieve.

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